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From His Mouth Come Knowledge and Understanding.


We are an assembly of believers ready for a change!  K.I.A. Partners is expanding with pastors and ministries locally and abroad. Welcoming kingdom-minded brothers and sisters that are ready to share the Gospel and Care for others.

We are not asking you to leave what you have, but to bring what you have. It is our prayer that you will join

the movement for change and fellowship! 

College Friends
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Group Bonding

The Royal Priesthood College and Counsel (RPCC)
-Formed on January 28th, 2020, to educate, establish, and empower Kingdom values interdenominational and independent of the denomination in order to unite the Body of Christ.
⁃ RPCC will be divided into two Competent entities in order to effectively equip the Army of Christ with the discipline and insight needed in today’s war against the devil:



The United Congress of Christian Leadership  “Always been here, Now Manifested “
The Mission of members of the United Congress of Christian Leadership (UCCL) includes all those inherent in their office of Leadership (Bishops, Apostles, Pastors, Elders, and Christian-base Business Owners). It is the sole right, duty, and privilege of the United Congress of Christian Leadership (UCCL) to define matters of Faith for the Church, discuss and address the social and spiritual state of the Church while approving steps and measures in destroying division in an effort of unifying, restoring and replenishing the Body of Christ.
We will fulfill our mission by enhancing our Seven (7) pillars of Evaluate, Empower, Preserve, Mantel, Unify, Restore, and Replenish. Evaluate- the Modern Church (Are we serving the Body of Christ-like we are supposed too?)
Empower- To Equip, Empower, Engage a Generation of Spirit-Filled Leaders to pass on the Legacy of Christ
Preserve- The issues of scripture that are being swept under the rug. (Are we compromising?)


Mantel- Establishing the Spirit of Mind to prepare the Body for Changes in Leadership and New Leaders so the house won’t lack Leadership (Where empowerment locates the Leaders, Leaders are ready to fulfill the legacy of Christ.)
Unify- Can we look past denominations and ideology to BE the whole Body?


Restore- have a fail-safe, mechanisms in place to reach down and restore the imprisoned and spiritually impoverished in Christ (This can preachers who found God in prison or a Pastor/Evangelist who have fallen) Replenish- A place to recharge and encourage leaders that may be tired to rest and reset while. We must find ways to enhance the warriors for Christ an ability to learn how to do what is contrary to our DNA at times:

“To let someone else do it.”

Goals and Objectives

1. Get the Fellowships and Churches to recognize one another and sharing what works for each other to build on what others have for Christ Kingdom growth.
2. Discussing the social issues the church is having while empowering one another to continue to stand on the principles of God. It is time for the Atoms of Christ to become one BODY again by reasoning together without compromising the Gospel of Peace.
3. Earn your Associates, Bachelor's, and Masters Degrees through our online learning.

1) The United Congress of Christian Leadership

2) The United Christian Educators Coalition

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Rows of Pillars



Evaluate | Empower | Preserve | Mantel | Unify | Restore | Replenish

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